Monday, May 29, 2006

Sample of a workshop

This is workshop in SIAL university , it's a sample that may make us thinking of one that help us to think better


Two day short courseThe words parametric design, wax printer and 3D scanner get thrown around a lot these days, but what do they mean, and what do they do? Over two days we will be traveling from the real to the digital to the surreal as we scan body parts, explore them parametrically and then construct our results using a laser cutter and a 3D wax printer. This course is intended as an introduction to exploring new tools and methods of working with form. This course is open to designers, practitioners and the general public interested in parametric modeling design and making. This course will be led by Alison Fairley and held over two days at SIAL, there are 12 places available. To enrol, please go to the RMIT Short and Single Courses page.


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