Monday, May 22, 2006

The DaVinci Code Webquest

Check this quest, 3agbny awy embare7
bel zabt khals ma3aya fe nos sa3a
3ayz el nas tegarb w te2olly 3amlt eih, lelly bye7eb el puzzles wel hagat dy, 7ate3gebo awy
el instructions wadha, need any help, ask here.
for you who don't know The DaVinci Code, it's a novel published in 2003 and went right to the top of best selling novels in the world (over 60 million copies in 44 languages). Just 3 days ago, the movie based on it has been released starring legendary Tom Hanks, I was waiting to watch this movie in theaters but it was banned in Egypt due to political considerations about the story.
Simply it says that Jesus married to Mary Magdalene (مريم المجدلية) and she gave birth to a daughter and their bloodline secret is being protected by people who knew this secret thru 2000 years up till now (other stories tells there were more sons to Jesus born). named Da Vinci Code coz the Writer thinks he's one of the members of that group who protects that secret (named Priory of Sion) and that he revealed this secret in the most famous fresco of The last supper.
many famous people thru history are said to be members of the priory of sion such as victor hugo and Isaac Newton.
the story if filled with codes and puzzles that makes it really intersting one to read (read the original in English).
Talking about this story from religious POV, it's simply nonsense to christians and fight all over the world to ban the movie and the book, as to me as a Muslim, Jesus was a man and can marry just like any other prophet and man, in the meantime Quran didn't mention a single thing about marriage, anyone have opinions? just general talk, the story contains much more details than you can imagine, I'll mention just one that made me just smile:

The Mona Lisa is actually a self-portrait by Leonardo as a woman. The androgyny reflects the sacred union of male and female which is implied in the holy union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Such parity between the cosmic forces of masculine and feminine has long been a deep threat to the established power of the Church. The name Mona Lisa is actually an anagram for "Amon L'Isa", referring to the father and mother gods of Ancient Egypt (namely Amon and Isis).

yet, The movie states at the begining that it's just a story and doesn't have real events and it's Writers imagination.
Now, Just play the quest and conquer it if you can ;)


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