Saturday, March 25, 2006


rofaqa2 el kefa7:
i just cant believe my self...i cant believe what happened...

when mido first sent the lyrics of mounir's new song...i just thought it was one of roba3eyat salah jahin..
i was going to publish some of the roba3eyat that i liked,but i didnt...
but after a while he actually sent some of the roba3eyat and i was really amazed..i was going to send a comment about TELEPATHY "توارد الخواطر ...but i also didnt send it,i thought you might not enjoy it.

SINCE thursday night and the song "meshwar taweel" is echoing in my mind in a strange way..all through the day.. i wanted to send its lyrics sooo BADLY to all of you..i really felt the song so much,
when nayera called me friday evening i told er about all of this and she told me to send the song..
some problems happened and i couldnt surf the net at night, but just as i saw the lyrics an hour ago on our site...sent by amr..I REALLY STARTED TREMBLING..i was going to scream..but my young brother's teacher was at home and he'd have thought i'm nuts..i couldn't believe my eyes even more when i read eng. ahmad hussein's post about that museum he visited..because i've asked my grandpa about this museum's working hours on wed. and he answered me on thurs. ....also the same day he told us in the group about the landscape trip..i was discussing it with a colleague an hour before he did..
have you ever felt that someone's said something you were just thinkin of or going to say?
we'd never know how powerful ALLAH created our souls...i really feel this now..
i feel that people's brains send messages to each other, i have nothin to say except سبحان الله ...there is a verse in quran which means THAT allah will show us his miracles in ourselvesسنريهم آياتنا فى الآفاق و فى أنفسهم

i just dont understand how did this you think it's a coincidence? just tell me.

معلش هاكتب الأغنية تانى

مشوار طويل فى وسط ليل مفهوش قمر...
و قلبى تايه احساس بغربة من البشر...
وأنا وحدى بمشى فى سكتى موجود باعافر بانتصر...
أقع عزيمتى بتنكسر... أقف واكمل خطوتى ...
بلاقى هدفى فقصتى... شايف فى آخر الضلمة نور
لو حاشنى سور... بهده هد...
احساس بجد...
بانى حاوصل منغير ما قلبى يساعده حد...

مشوار طويل... مشوار طويل... مشوار طويل
TITO'S song...a person who realized his personal legend-3la ra2y uncle paolo coelho

hope u r not bored


At 5:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3ala 2ad l7afak med regleek......

At 6:45 pm, Blogger Mido said...

Telepathy is considered a form of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) such as psychokinesis, so it's assumed that only a small portion of people do have it.
I had similar incidents b4 in so many ways, I think we all have it at many different levels, but maybe it's all coincidence.
I was discussing this with Mohamed Sala7 at the library of Alexandria about a week ago and was an interesting conversation following the one you opened when we were at the meeting with Tarek Naga.
it's presumed to be in many ways, precongition: see things b4 it happens, reading someone's mind as if it was yours, transfering your ideas directly into someone else's mind without the need to speak or even look at him. the soviet have done many tests during the cold war and b4 that to use it as a secert weapon, Ahmed Khaled Towfiq have written many novels based on things like this (which I'm sure you've read, Sara) here comes to another point, maybe this was somekind of influence over your mind when you think about what happens to you anytime, you just may want to explain in a way that might gives it a sense of meta-physics and this mysterious things that blows our minds away and hope we someday could have it. the degree of the incident believabilty (being able to be believed) is one factor that determines the way our mind goes into (whether you claim it to be ESP or just a coincidence). The verse from the Quran which you've mentioned have so many perceptions, one of these is ESP in my opinion, Allah have set in us many powerful abilties which I believe we've destroyed by depending on modern machinery and stopped our mind from thinking clearly and meditating.
I can't write much more now coz I have an incoming message from Dr. heba thru my mind saying that I will fail this project if I didn't go to work.
I hope we can make something like a workshop between us in college every week for example and talk about such things or anything that would be of interest to most of us and this blog would be also a good portal to talk freely I hope you managed to get to this sentence without closing the page once or twice!.

Further reading:
Ganzfeld experiment
Zener cards

At 3:00 pm, Blogger sarah said...

what an impressive comment!
i just have dozens of things i want to say, but we'd better use the little time left in a useful way...i think i have to go now but i just couldnt do this without thanking you all who read the article and also you who commented.
thanks mido for your comment, your workshop idea is really great,hope it starts soon.
by the way, i think that not all of the events of this kind has to do with telepathy, i think many of them can be just coincidence, the event i felt that it can be telepathy was the song...and the roba3eyat a little bit.i tend to think that the rest can be coincidences.
i also wanted to say that i didnt mean by this article that i'm telepathic لا سمح الله

wishing you all the best,

At 9:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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