Friday, March 24, 2006

Design exhibition in Alexandria until the end of March

Dear friends,
yesterday after I had finished my work at the faculty , I went to a Design exhibition at the fine arts museum in Ma7aram beih , near the stadium , the exhibition shows several designed objects and furniture which have new concepts and materials , it's a conceptual exhibition which I saw as a turning point for me this month after the meeting of Tarek naga , so I suggest to make a small trip to visit it together on next Monday in afternoon , each one of us who have a car could take 4 of us to go as a group , if u r interested we can meet on next Monday mornning to organize our first small trip which I hope that it will be a start of a series of other activities .

Sayed Darwish :
والله تســــــتاهل يا قلبى ليه تميــــــــل ما كنت خالى
انت أســــباب كل كربى وانت أســـــــباب ما جرالى


At 4:14 am, Blogger semsoum said...

يا جماعيه دى فعلا فكره حلوه ودى فعلا البدايه ولو حتى ممكن رواد دفعتنا يتفقوا مع باصات تاخدناوالحكايه مش حتتكلف من كل واحد لان المسافه صغيره عشان فى ناس كتير متعرفش محرم بك والعربيات حتى ما تكفيش ولازم الحكايه ديه نقولها للدفعه يوم الحد ان شاء الله عشان يبقى عندهم علم لاننا ما بنعرفش حاجات كتير زى الرحله اللى دكتور راغب طلعها لدمنهور محدش سمع عنها

احنا بجد شاكرين مجهوداتك معانا يا بشمهندس وعايزين كمان الرحله بتاعة اللاند سكيب للحديقه الدوليه ما تنسانه فيها

At 11:18 am, Blogger Mido said...

I'm in.


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