Sunday, July 16, 2006

a good night sleep and you're a new man

A blogger from lebanon

3:15 am

it seems that tonight the bombing won't stop.every 15 minutes, a new attack. one or two bombs only each time. just enough to keep you up the whole night. these guys are real artists.a fucking huge bomb just arrived while i am writing. how to describe this fucking feeling with words?so yeah, the israeli pilots are real artists. they know how to keep their audience attentive. they never give you time to fall asleep; each time you feel the action is slow, they bring in some new emotional material to get you in again. i suspect that they calculate exactly how long it takes to a normal human being to fall asleep, and act upon. well done guys, it's working.

posted by mazen at 03:11


At 1:21 am, Blogger To7fa said...

we7esh awyee sorry ya3nee :D

At 1:46 am, Blogger kabreet said...

this is a serious space to leave comments , please keep your laught and respect the feelings of someone ( Mazen ) writing under bombing even if u don't like his writing .

At 1:58 am, Blogger H.B.K said...

rbna yonsorko ya rab,w ysbrko


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