Friday, April 21, 2006

kulna sawa.....THE DIFFERENCE

كل الرسامين
كل الرسامين رسموا صور كثيرة
وقعدوا بينات الصور
عجنب بليلة مطر
هالات النور على راسهن
وقواس الفرح بكاساتهن
باللون يبلّـوا دياتهن
وعصفور حر يطير
لكني انا عم غني غنياتي
وقاعد بينات البشر
سهران بلية قمر
اكاليل الورد على راسي
وافراح الناس باحساسي
بالحب بلون كلماتي وعصافير حرة تطير

“This song describes the deference between the painter and the singer”
copied from KULNA SAWA's website.

The words made me wonder if this was also the same difference between an architect and a director???!
what do you think?


At 10:32 pm, Blogger spiritual inspirations said...

i think its a matter of opinions
i believe that the architect and the director has the same talent if they're strong at expressing it and believe more that the painting is more affectionate than a song

At 10:45 pm, Blogger sarah said...

i'm really soooooooooooooo sorry for being that careless and replying your comment that late ={.
first i just want to say that ur name is really nice =]...
well, it's really a matter of opinions as you've just said..
but at this phase of my life i think that what an artist should look for is "effective" and "interactive" rather than "affectionate"...
hope u got what i really meant =],
hope 2 hear from you soon =}


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