Tuesday, May 23, 2006

yaaaa mido fea cd landscape

yaret ya mido to2lan fean cd bet3at landscape fee ay maktaba 3lshan e7an elmfrood nezaker menha 3lashan el mta7an
m3a enna aslan msh 3rafean nezaker haga asasan
begad raban yostr..........


At 2:09 am, Blogger Mido said...

el cd 3and Newline men embare7, file 3la el gehaz elly gowa khales ganb el plotter esmo Table.doc 7awalay 40 mega
I will compress the pictures now and compress the whole file now, and see if it's reduced to a reasonble size to upload it.

At 2:16 am, Blogger Mido said...

it became + 9 mega :S
The CD will be easier for those who have dial-up
we all have to go to college youm el arba3, law 7ata el file etmas7 men henak (I doubt it) 7ageebo 3la CD ma3aya w aseebha henak.
so2al bas baseet: meen KHooKHa?

At 2:46 am, Blogger P.Y said...

merci ya midoo 3ala cd we raban m3ak we m3an kolna.....


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